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We pay cash for many items

Action game and movie

Action game and movie where fun is included 

Just some of the stuff we buy and sell at

Action game and movie

Located on the corner of 59 & 98 in Foley

$$$ Most Wanted $$$    251-943-1359

Laptops with windows 7 or newer

Game cartridges, especially for NES, SNES, N64 and DS

Nintendo 64 controllers (with good joysticks)

Pokémon games

Play station 3 and xbox360 guitars (ps3 guitars must have dongles)

Smart TVs and large flat screen TVs

Current release DVDs and Blu-ray

I-pods, I-pads and I-phones

Original Nintendo consoles and super Nintendo consoles (working or not)

Dungeons and dragons and other role playing books

Magic the gathering trading card sets

Acoustical and other musical instruments

Play station consoles, PS2, PS3 and PS4

Anime collections, Books, DVD and Blu-ray

Xbox one games and consoles

Wii U games and consoles

Play station 4 games

DS and 3DS games

PSP consoles

We have video games retro to current all consoles (when in stock). Browse our large selection of DVDs and Blu-rays.

Big savings on electronics.


M T W T 11AM - 6PM

Friday and Saturday 11AM - 8PM

Sunday 12PM - 5PM